What to see in Molise: Oratino

Molise is one of the most unknown region of Italy and I’m so fascinated by the beauty of this area. During my trip to the south of Italy, I decided to explore the village of Oratino, located only 8 km from Campobasso, the capital of Molise. No words can describe how pretty it was! Cabblestone, flowers, stone houses… What a charming place! When I was taking some photos, an old woman asked me: “è bella casa mia, vero?”, which means “my home looks so pretty, doesn’t it?”. I was really surprised! Then we started talking and she told me about a religious tradition called “la Faglia”. It takes place every year on December 24th. A group of people carry a bundle of reeds, 14 meters high, and burn it in front of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. Before we say goodbye, she showed me some fresh vegetables that she just picked. She was extremely kind and spontaneous to me. Little things like that can really make you happy…

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