Park of Villa Reale di Marlia, Tuscany

The Villa Reale di Marlia is an old Villa that lies in Tuscany, only 8 km from the centre of Lucca. This impressive property, completely surrounded by walls, was the residence of Elisabetta Bonaparte Baciocchi, Napoleon’s sister. The Villa has a huge park, which extends for 16 hectares. Villa Marlia, currently under restoration, is not open to the public and it is possible to visit only the park. I recently visited the garden, definitely one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I was impressed by the varieties of plants, the garden offers a stunning collection of ancient camellias. Here you can find also great architectures like the Clock House, the Water Theatre, the Bishop’s Villa and the Grotto of Pan, with its unique decorations. Inside the park, there are three gorgeous gardens: the Bishop’s Garden, the Spanish Garden and the Lemon Garden. The Lemon garden includes the impressive statues of Arno and Serchio and the statue of Leda and the Swan. This beautiful place definitely worth a visit. Here are some pictures I took.


Sophora japonica


Grotto of Pan, detail


Lemon Garden

Serchio statue Villa Marlia


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